About Tiny House Scotland.

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I started Tiny House Scotland in February 2014 as an overall banner for my experimental small scale eco building projects.  After many months of research and development I built the first prototype – the NestHouse™.

I was then asked to produce a two bedroom version of this design for  Social Bite in Edinburgh – there will be 11 NestHouse Duos going on site in April 2018.   I then started on my next project – the NestPod™ which is now currently being built.

Tiny House Scotland represents my personal crusade to bring together the physics of building science with aesthetic design and individual craftsmanship to create a new alternative for small scale sustainable living. The aim is to create a holistic result which is beautiful and functional both inside and outside.

It is a clear matter of principle for me that Tiny House Scotland is a micro business – I work on my own and sustainably – my craft is my work and I am not trying to make a huge profit or vast sales, just be paid for my time, skills and creativity.  There’s a large dollop of Karma involved – I LOVE what I do!

Please note that I am a lone master craftsman producing a limited number of builds per year – I prefer to have control of every step of the process and I am passionate about the sustainability of individuals designing and making to produce uniqueness and beauty; no corner cutting, no reverence for profit – just an artisanal dedication!

I just love working and experimenting with wood and wooden buildings.  That’s the Tiny House Concept in a nutshell – Less is MORE and brings greater happiness!!

Tiny House Scotland builds some of the finest and most original Tiny Houses anywhere on the planet!

Jonathan Avery     Jan 2018

p.s see my Tiny House Scotland Manifesto.

Autumn colours at Tiny House Scotland
Autumn colours at Tiny House Scotland