About Tiny House Scotland.

Tiny House Scotland builds Tiny Houses!

I started Tiny House Scotland in February 2014 as an overall banner for my experimental small scale eco building projects.

After many months of research and development I built the first prototype – the NestHouse which is now complete and undergoing testing. I am currently working on the next project – a road towable design called the NestPod™ which is now being built.

Tiny House Scotland represents my personal crusade to bring together the physics of building science with aesthetic design and individual craftsmanship to create a new alternative for small scale sustainable living. The aim is to create a holistic result which is beautiful and functional both inside and outside.

It is a clear matter of principle for me that Tiny House Scotland is a micro business – I work on my own and sustainably – my craft is my work and I am not trying to make a huge profit or vast sales, just be paid for my time, skills and creativity.  There’s a large dollop of Karma involved – I LOVE what I do!

Please note that I am a lone master craftsman producing a limited number of builds per year – I prefer to have control of every step of the process and I am passionate about the sustainability of individuals designing and making to produce uniqueness and beauty; no corner cutting, no reverence for profit – just an artisanal dedication!

I just love working and experimenting with wood and wooden buildings.  That’s the Tiny House Concept in a nutshell – Less is MORE and brings greater happiness!!

Jonathan Avery     Oct 2017

p.s see my Tiny House Scotland Manifesto.

Autumn colours at Tiny House Scotland
Autumn colours at Tiny House Scotland