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Tiny House Scotland presents The NestHouse!
Highly Insulated On and Off Grid Cabins from Tiny Huose Scotland
The NestHouse Kitchen Design from Tiny House Scotland
The NestHouse from Tiny House Scotland looking towards the bathroom and sleeping loft.
Tiny House Scotland NestHouse Detail 3
Please Note Before you fire off an email...
I work on my own - so I have to focus on genuine enquiries for building commissions only.  For serious enquiries I do offer a consultancy service which is refundable against your build.
Most general questions people ask are already covered on this website - please explore in detail!
Also I get a lot of general Tiny House enquiries which can easily be Googled - please do your own research!
Jonathan xxx

Contact Tiny House Scotland

If you would like to discuss commissioning a NestHouse or NestPod™ or have a genuine enquiry which is not answered by the FAQ's then please fill in your details below and I will get back to you asap.  If you need specific help, I do offer a consultancy service.

Media and Interviews

If you would like to talk to Jonathan Avery for an interview or media project, or ask him to write an article then please email using the contact form.

see Tiny House Scotland media features.

Environmental & Educational Talk/Visit

I am very passionate about sustainable housing and the potential of small scale living to address aspects of the housing crisis. For non-profit environmental or educational organisations – I am happy to host a visit and talk at the NestHouse.

Images and Graphics

As a professional graphic designer and photographer with over 30 years experience, Jonathan has superb hi-res images of the NestHouse available - terms to suit application. Please note all images and graphics on this site are © Jonathan Avery Tiny House Scotland and all rights reserved - do not reproduce without permission.

Media Rights Payments

Agreed payments for use of photographs etc. can be made here with this product when instructed - or by BACS transfer if preferred.