NestHouse Models can now be Announced

NestHouse Models can now be Announced

NestHouse Models can now be Announced

The NestHouse Moveable Modular Micro House System is in the process of transitioning from its prototype 1.0 stage to the 2.0 iteration!  NestHouse Models can now be Announced. There will now be four models on offer to make choice and configuration as flexible as possible.  Full details coming soon but please be patient as I am working several projects at once at the moment…!!


NestHouse Space by Tiny House Scotland
NestHouse SPACE sizes

The NestHouse SPACE – is the main ‘Live’ module from the NestHouse 1.0 concept. It is an open floorplan 3.4m wide x 3.6m to 7.2m long unit available in 1.2m increments.

This can simply be used by itself as a studio, writer’s retreat, hobby room, home office etc. but fundamentally forms the starting point for the NestHouse modular design with the addition of any combination of the modules available:

Modules: Enter, Bathe, Sleep Loft, Sleep Niche, or LINK

With these it can be tailored to more complex functions right up to standalone permanent living accommodation: a NestHouse for micro living, first time buyers, homesteading, ADU accessory dwelling unit (granny annexe).

NestHouse SPACE by Tiny House Scotland
NestHouse Solo by Tiny House Scotland

The NestHouse SOLO – is a 4.8m Live module and the Enter, Bathe and Sleep Loft modules.  As such it is a conveniently pre-configured tiny house solution for use as extra accommodation, static caravan alternative etc.  As such it is a ready made example of what can be achieved with the available modules but of course can be based around a SPACE model of the desired size (3.6-7.2m long) and then fitted with whichever modules are required.

The NestHouse in it's new location next to the orchard.

More info coming soon but for now read about the NestHouse 1.0 project.

NestHouse Duo by Tiny House Scotland

The NestHouse DUO – is the accommodation module which I designed for the Social Bite Village in Edinburgh – it has two single berths – Sleep Niche modules at either end (ie. no Sleep Lofts).  It is ideal for extra accommodation or for social and business applications and can be individually hand built by myself or supplied in commercial quantities (not limited by my 3 per year output!) through my construction partners to full BS3632:2015 compliance.  As with all NestHouses there is very little long term site impact and they can easily and quickly be re-deployed to another site as required.

The Social Bite NestHouse designed by Tiny House Scotland going on display at the Edinburgh Festival
NestHouse Link by Tiny House Scotland

The NestHouse LINK – describes any multiple combination of units joined or linked by a LINK module.  This is a 3.4m wide x 2.4 /3.6m long module to join two other NestHouse models – either in a straight line or at an obtuse angle set for shelter or solar gain etc..  This allows for a larger footprint than a single NestHouse and a combination of specific functions in the units – eg. use a SPACE linked to a SOLO for a studio with accommodation; or two SOLOs linked to provide a larger house.  This increases the NestHouse range footprint from the smallest 3.6m SPACE at 12.2m2 up to 49m2 for two 7.2m SPACEs with a 3.6m LINK module.

There are many creative variations for the LINK module ranging from a simple covered breezeway to a glass fronted atrium

NestHouse LINK module concept from Tiny House Scotland