Tiny House Trailer for UK Self Build


Tiny House Trailer for UK Self Build in 3 lengths: 5.4m, 6.0m, 6.6m.

This is my Tiny House Trailer for UK Self Build.  Tiny House Scotland is the exclusive dealer for these tiny house trailers in the UK –  I have extensively researched suitable trailers all over Europe and the UK and have chosen this particular product designed specifically for tiny houses by Vlemmix Aanhangwagens in Holland. There are already many Dutch builds on this trailer. They are superbly built in steel and fully galvanised with full brakes, LED lighting and EU Certificate of Conformity.

Safety first!

Of course you could use a second hand trailer and convert it – but why take the risk with the safety of your tiny house or other road users?  Bear in mind also that when you modify any trailer you void its Type Approval and it needs to be tested again by the DVSA – driver and vehicle standards agency.  Moreover you will be unlikely to find a trailer that is the maximum legal width with a bed width of 2.44 – sized exactly for sheet materials.  Or you could buy a new flatbed trailer in the UK – but these are usually around the 1000kg mark which eats into the available weight for your construction and of course the modification warning applies again.

For the legal side of towing you must take into account the driving licence classes and towing law…here’s a Google search to start you off.

Please read carefully the information below – especially about ordering, lead times and delivery options. NB. prices are ex-works – you must collect from Tiny House Scotland.



A purpose-designed Tiny House Trailer in three lengths: 5.4m, 6.0m, 6.6m.

Tiny House Scotland is the exclusive UK dealer for this Tiny House Trailer for UK Self Build.

I have sourced them from Holland because of the lack of anything comparable in the UK market.  They are the exact model that I use for my own NestPod™ and are fully road legal in the UK.

The trailers are superbly built galvanised steel with compliant inertia brake systems, LED lighting and EU Certificate of Conformity. The skeleton construction maximises the payload within the 3500kg legal maximum for mechanically braked trailers.

These trailers are the maximum legal width at 2.55m over the wheel arches, with a trailer bed size of 2.44m x Length and there are three lengths available: 5.4m, 6.0m, 6.6m. They weigh approx. 590 – 660kg and have a super low bed height of 440mm with 195 50 R13 wheels or 505mm with 185 80 R14 wheels – supplied as standard with 14″ wheels but you can swap them out if you want a lower bed height. The twin axles are rated for 1800kg each and can be adjusted for optimum nose weight balance.

Note that you will have to build around the raised wheel arches but personally I find this more than compensated for by the low bed height: clear flatbeds usually have 10 or 12 inch wheels to keep the height down but then suffer with low ground clearance and bone shaking travel at the slightest bump or pothole!

Model Trailer Bed Size Load Capacity Approx. Total Length
5.4m 2.44 x 5.40m 2960kg 7.10m
6.0m 2.44 x 6.00m 2930kg 7.70m
6.6m 2.44 x 6.60m 2900kg  8.30m

Notes: (a) load capacity is approximate and will vary depending on the wheels used (b) reflects the balance of the 3500kg legal limit only – ie. this is not the limit of their engineered capacity which is around 4500kg.

Ordering a Tiny House Trailer for UK Self Build

Trailers are built to order by the manufacturer in Holland so require full payment at point of order.  There is normally a 4-5 week lead time; in addition to this, in order to keep our import costs down, orders will be consolidated so that there must be a minimum of two trailers for collection from Holland at any one time: this may mean longer lead times.   You will then need to collect your trailer from Tiny House Scotland at Linlithgow, just West of Edinburgh – we are minutes from the National motorway network.

NB. For collection – please ensure your vehicle is rated to tow at least 650kg and has a 13 pin lighting connection, also be aware that these trailers are very long and wide and will be very daunting for a novice to tow – so if possible ensure you use someone with towing experience.


Trailers are sold on a supply-only basis; Tiny House Scotland accepts no responsibility for advising self builders on building methods or the legality of what they subsequently build on the trailer.  You must do your own research!!!

Prices may be subject to change due to exchange rates.


Additional information

Length of Trailer

5.4m, 6.0m, 6.6m


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