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Apologies for being slow keeping this page up to date...I am just too busy building and creating the next project!

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NestHouse Serial No: NH001

NestHouse Serial No:NH001 - this NestHouse Solo is the original prototype built for Tiny House Scotland to test my design theories and construction methods.

NestHouse Serial No's: NH002 - NH012

The build team - Social Bite Village Edinburgh #tinyhouse

NestHouse Serial No's: NH002 - NH012 - the NestHouse Duo design - specially commissioned by Josh Littlejohn for Social Bite's Village.

Eleven units sited at Granton, Edinburgh. All built by Carbon Dynamic.

NestHouse Serial No: NH0013

The new NestHouse™ SchoolHouse by Tiny House Scotland

NestHouse Serial No: NH0013 - this is a NestHouse™ SchoolHouse. Built by Jonathan Avery at Tiny House Scotland from Nov 2019 - March 2020. It is super-insulated and benefits from passive solar gain and passive stack ventilation.

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