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That quintessential 'Cabin in the Woods feeling'...
That quintessential ‘Cabin in the Woods’ Feeling…

Tiny House Scotland – the home of the NestHouse™ & NestPod™

Rethinking Housing Needs with Small Scale Architecture

Tiny House Scotland is a UK Tiny House Builder owned by Jonathan Avery who designs and handcrafts small scale architecture of the highest quality.  A lifelong passion for architecture, green design and sustainability prompted this project to research and design a beautiful wooden building with high quality materials, offering complete protection from the environment whilst being light-filled and snug. The result is the NestHouse…a highly insulated modular moveable small eco-house. The NestHouse is 3.4m wide and moveable on site while the NestPod™ is 2.55m wide and road towable.

It’s that quintessential ‘cabin in the woods‘ feeling…

…Pioneering for the Modern Age! 

This is about disruptive architecture – working towards answering:

– why can you not live in the house you want on your own land?

And why can this not be an affordable, sustainable housing model – small but beautiful – if you so choose?

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Tiny House Scotland finished building the prototype NestHouse  in June 2016 – a culmination of over two years research and development by designer and craftsman Jonathan Avery to produce…a highly insulated modular moveable small eco-house.

This energy efficient, eco-friendly, sustainable Small House or Cabin, can be on-grid, off-grid or hybrid powered.  It is a very comfortable 3.4m wide and is available in several lengths and module combinations giving internal floor areas from around 10 up to 50 m2, or more if two NestHouses are arranged as a double unit with a connecting module.

NB. The NestHouse is NOT a caravan, camping pod, shepherd’s hut or shed but a heavyweight small scale house weighing 5-10 tons!

The NestHouse has primarily been designed for full time micro-living or homesteading with starting prices for a shell finish ranging from £20,000 – £40,000 depending on size and options.

It is ideal for singles or couples who want to live lightly and sustainably on their land or as an affordable starter home solution in urban or rural areas. The light-filled cosy interior makes it a super-comfortable cabin or retreat or can provide extra living space. The NestHouse can also be used for a home based business such as holiday rental accommodation or home office, writer’s studio, yoga space or even a retail unit like a farm shop with huge kerb-appeal.   They are built off site and delivered as a fully finished building – all ready to furnish and move into!

The prototype NestHouse is now complete and undergoing testing. If you are interested in commissioning your own Tiny House and want to find a UK Tiny House Builder, then peruse the website,  watch the presentation, read the FAQ’s and then email me via the contact page.

See the NestHouse…

COMING SOON!. The NestHouse 1.0 (prototype) is currently being developed into the NestHouse 2.0 System with a full set of functional uses.

 I am currently designing and building my next prototype Tiny House which is a road towable multi-use tiny house on wheels called the NestPod™!

See the NestPod™…

Tiny House Scotland Social BIte Tiny House Village
Tiny House Scotland Social Bite Tiny House Village

Social Bite Tiny House Homeless Village – concept – Tiny House Scotland

Social Bite Homeless Tiny House Village Edinburgh – I am very proud to have provided the design concept for the tiny houses in this project; Josh Littlejohn from Social Bite visited my NestHouse prototype in October 2016 and felt that it embodied the qualities that he envisioned for his ambitious scheme…click for more info  the result is the Social Bite NestHouse Duo …

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 Tiny House Self Build Trailers for the UK

Tiny House Trailer for UK Self Build
Tiny House Trailer for UK Self Build

A purpose-designed Tiny House Trailer in three lengths: 5.4m, 6.0m, 6.6m for self builders. Tiny House Scotland is the exclusive UK dealer for this Tiny House Trailer for UK Self Build. I have sourced them from Europe because of the lack of anything comparable in the UK market.  They are the exact model that I use for my own NestPod™ and are fully road legal in the UK and Europe.

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Tiny House Scotland is the brainchild of Jonathan Avery who designs and builds on-grid and off-grid highly insulated wooden buildings including small and tiny houses, barns, cabins and garden buildings, for use as living accommodation, home offices and studios, holiday letting etc!  They are high specification architectural gems overflowing with character and craftsmanship but above all ecologically high performance.  At the root of all this is a lifelong love of green architecture and over thirty years as a designer, photographer, builder and furniture maker (see jonathanavery.com).

Tiny House Scotland is Jonathan’s personal crusade to bring together the physics of building science with aesthetic design and individual craftsmanship to create a new alternative for small scale sustainable living. Whether it is an affordable starter home or a lifestyle micro living choice or the venue for a home based business.

This is about disruptive architecture – working towards answering: – why can you not live in the house you want on your own land? And why can this not be an affordable, sustainable housing model – small but beautiful – if you so choose?


BBC News – The NestHouse has had a lot of media coverage – click the photo to see…

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Tiny House Scotland is a UK Tiny House Designer and Builder

The NestHouse is also the ultimate hygge space!