No Tiny House Floor Plan at Tiny House Scotland?!

What? No Floor Plans at Tiny House Scotland?!

What? Why can't I see a tiny house floor plan at Tiny House Scotland?!   I am frequently asked for the tiny house floor plan of my NestPod and NestHouse models...but I have to say, sorry - I just don't do them! No really, each Tiny House I build is different and specifically designed to answer the requirements of my clients' design brief.

This is an integral and vital part of the build process at Tiny House Scotland. So firstly, I never put floor plans on general release because I design with 3D CAD and don't have the graph paper 'hang-up' that most TH enthusiasts seem to have (!) and secondly I feel it gives the impression that a design is set in stone - a bit like buying a particular model of caravan and this is to me is a foreign concept because working within the parameters of a Tiny House envelope there are almost endless possibilities layout-wise.

I also advocate and massively enjoy a fair degree of organic design during the build process because as the frame materialises, working within the space each day is an amazing way to find the easter eggs of creativity for sometimes startling and innovative solutions to finesse the design functions or layout.

As in any field of design, constraints are the mother of creativity - in tiny house micro architecture they are ever present sources of opportunity. Every Tiny House I build is unique but distinctly Jonathan flavoured!

I prefer to go into any new build without preconceptions and to some extent this is a laudable aim for the client too, obviously beyond the essential building blocks of their brief.  The result is that design magic can then freely approach the project as the NestPod or NestHouse design is developed collaboratively and incrementally.

A Tiny House Scotland NestPod™ - moveable micro architecture at its finest!