NestHouse™ Moveable Modular Tiny House System

the NestHouse™

moveable modular tiny house system

NestHouse™ Moveable Modular Tiny House System

The NestHouse Moveable Modular Tiny House System is in the process of transitioning from its prototype 1.0 stage to the 2.0 iteration!  There are now four NestHouse Models available to make choice and configuration as flexible as possible.

The NestHouse™ has primarily been designed for full time micro living or homesteading and are typically around £60-90k depending on size and options; NB. VAT rates vary depending on construction, size and end use.

This energy efficient, eco-friendly, sustainable Small House or Cabin, can be on-grid, off-grid or hybrid powered.  It is a very comfortable 3.4m wide and is available in several lengths and module combinations giving internal floor areas from around 15m2 up to 50 m2 if two NestHouse™ modules are arranged as say a living module with a studio module connected by a Link module.

My NestHouse™ was featured in Lloyd Kahn's Small Homes and the NestHouse Duo model was originally developed for the Social Bite Village to help the homeless in Edinburgh.

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The new NestHouse™ SchoolHouse by Tiny House Scotland