NestHouse Guide Price

NestHouse Guide Price.
NestHouse Guide prices for standard specification NB: Pre Brexit – not accounting for 5-10% material increases.

Final Costs: I need to discuss your project in detail in order to assess the feasibility as well as looking at design options and your budget to produce an accurate costing.

NestHouse Guide Price

The guide prices shown above are for a standard specification NestHouse completed to Shell Finish.  As you will appreciate every NestHouse is different and the potentially huge number of parameters involved in each make initial guidance quite difficult!  For example:

Is it fully furnished with custom furniture or in shell state?

is it fully liveable with plumbing, gas and electricity or just for use as a garden office?

is it to be off-grid with solar panels and battery bank?

do you want solid gold taps?!!  … well you get the idea!

So this is why the guide prices above are based on a standard specification NestHouse as a complete Shell Finish but does not include fitting out.  See the Shell Finish page for more photographs.

The NestHouse - shell finish.
The NestHouse – shell finish – all ready to furnish.

Starting prices are for shell finish, ex works – this does not include site purchase, site preparation, any necessary planning and building warrant services, transport to site or installation on site.  Guide prices are starting from and there is no VAT payable.

NestHouse Comparison Value

The NestHouse represents incredibly good value for money – you get an individually craftsman-built HOME weighing 5-10 tons!  Given that you could easily spend £20,000 on a Shepherd’s Hut – less than half a ton of wriggly-tin box on iron wheels, little bigger than a double bed (!)  or up to £30,000 plus on a ‘luxury’ camping pod – say 1-1.5 tons, with one window, one door and about the size of a garden shed (!)

Now, obviously these are not direct comparisons, but they do give an idea of what your money could buy and I am not criticising either of these types of building; there are some superb examples available if that is what you are looking for. They do however serve to illustrate that the NestHouse is fantastic value – and you will know that the minute you set foot in one – the character and build quality are self-evident.


A Note about Building Costs

You may hear people saying that it’s possible to build a TIny House for under eg. £5000 and whilst I am sure you could build something for that amount, it will not be a NestHouse or NestPod™!  Whilst everyone wants affordable buildings there are three basic factors involved and it’s a great truism that you can only have two of the three factors – quick, cheap and good in one build: The two out of Three Rule! – QUICK?  CHEAP?  GOOD?

* you can spend a lot of money on labour and materials and quickly end up with a really good building – but it’s not cheap.

*or you can spend a long time sourcing reclaimed materials and self building and you may end up with a good building if you have the skills, but it won’t be quick.

*or you can build quickly and cheaply, but not end up with the best quality – !

A cheap building is possible, but it will cost you time – this is the ‘sweat equity’ of self build. The caveat being that you must acquire sufficient skills to provide a functioning, long term, sustainable solution.

Most people, quite understandably, have no idea of the proper cost of building materials – one of my favourite illustrations is to point out that the NestHouse has over £2000 of insulation alone (at trade cost)!  As a general rule materials are often around 50% of the budget with the balance covering the time input. So you can save money with sweat equity by self building, but do you have the hundreds of hours necessary to accomplish a craftsman-like result?  It is worth restating here that I work sustainably – my craft is my work and I am not trying to make a huge profit, just be paid for my time, skills and creativity – there’s a large dollop of Karma involved – I LOVE what I do!

Financial terms for Building NestHouse and NestPod™:

Payment terms for all builds are :

10% Deposit to secure a workshop slot, non-refundable paid by bank transfer only.

75% payment on commencement of build.

15% due and cleared before completion ex-works.

NB. If delivery is involved this will be agreed and prepaid separately

Table for dining and kitchen use.
NestHouse – Custom Build – turnkey complete build.

Occasionally there may be a NestPod™ or NestHouse available for sale.