NestPod™ Tiny House On Wheels

NestPod™ Tiny House On Wheels

New project at Tiny House Scotland: The NestPod™.

I am now working on my next prototype system – it’s called the NestPod™  – a road towable multi-use tiny house on wheels (THOW) – it will be unique in the UK!

With lengths from 4.8m to 7m and many conceptually similar features to the NestHouse it will be built with the same high specification and materials. The planning advantages are that it’s moveable and classified as a caravan and also within Householder Permitted Development parameters, although of course these factors will depend ultimately on the land use of your intended parking place/site.

The brief is for a moveable tiny house (or caravan alternative) which can be customised to provide accommodation for leisure, residential or business functions – all in a stylish eco-friendly, low energy, sustainable solution which will be solidly built to last. NB. they are NOT for towing with a family car (!) – the tow vehicle must have a plated capability to tow 3500kg and itself be heavy enough and powerful enough to do so.

Expected NestPod™ prices around £20,000 – £45,000 depending on size and extent of build – ie. just like the NestHouse they will be available as a Shell Build or Custom Build.  Note that although the NestPod™ is narrower than the NestHouse, the trailer itself represents a large chunk in the cost (£4,295.00 – £4,895.00) – but then that’s the price of being independently mobile!

For THOW self build trailers see here.



Please note NestPod™ is a Registered Trademark.