How to Order your NestHouse

What do I need to think about before ordering a NestHouse?

How to order your NestHouse?  There's quite a lot to think about...

  • Find somewhere to put it! Check with me about site delivery access requirements.
  • Decide whether it will be on-grid, off-grid or a hybrid - research the realities of these options to see what you can really live with.
  • Consider a Consultancy Visit to the NestHouse Prototype to discuss in detail - highly recommended (refundable with build).
  • Check permissions for the site - if you will be living in it permanently you WILL require Planning Permission.
  • Choose the size and configuration of your NestHouse and commission Tiny House Scotland to start building.
  • It can be complete and ready to furnish or fully fitted out to specification with bespoke furniture.
  • Pay the deposit.

Payment Terms for Ordering a NestHouse™ or NestPod™ from Tiny House Scotland:

NB. VAT rates on NestHouses and NestPods vary depending on construction, size and end use.

Payment terms for all design and building work:

To secure Future date bookings in the build queue: £500 pre-build Deposit. Non refundable.

Design and build Contract:

• 5 weeks prior to build slot - a deposit of around 5-10% depending on any long lead time materials required - eg. trailer or chassis (less any pre-build deposit or previous consultation or survey fees).

• At build commencement a payment of around 65-70% (depending on amount of deposit).

• At handover the remaining balance due and cleared prior to handover ex-works.

NB. I reserve the right to invoice design and build time, should the project be cancelled at any stage by either party.

You may also need to budget for:

Site purchase unless you already own the land.
Site preparation or services required. Possible planning and building warrant services.

Renewable technology systems - solar panels, battery systems etc.
Delivery of the NestHouse to site. Any connection/installation on site.

How to order your NestHouse.