NestPod™ Tiny House Caravan Wagon

NestPod Tiny House by Tiny House Scotland

NestPod™ Tiny House Caravan Wagon

New project at Tiny House Scotland: The NestPod™.

In between builds I am working on my next prototype system – it’s called the NestPod™  – a road towable multi use tiny house, caravan or wagon!

With many conceptually similar features to the NestHouse it will be built with the same high specification and materials. The planning advantages are that it’s moveable and classified as a caravan and also within Householder Permitted Development parameters, although of course these factors will depend ultimately on it’s use and the land use of your intended parking place/site.

The brief is for a moveable tiny house (or caravan or wagon alternative) which can be customised to provide accommodation for leisure, residential or business functions – all in a stylish eco-friendly, low energy, sustainable solution which will be solidly built to last. NB. they are NOT for towing with a family car (!) – the tow vehicle must have a plated capability to tow 3500kg and itself be heavy enough and powerful enough to do so.

Expected NestPod™ prices around £20,000 – £40,000 depending on size and extent of build – ie. just like the NestHouse they will be available as a Shell Build or Complete Build.

There will be three models of NestPod available – the Solo, Outback and Venture.

The NestPod by Tiny House Scotland
NestPod Models coming soon!

Cautionary Note about Tiny House Builders in the UK:

Whilst the tiny house movement is in its infancy in the UK there are a few enterprising offerings coming on to the market – whether via Ebay and Gumtree or through companies with their own websites.  Now I welcome any developments which spread the word for tiny houses, but I would caution that it is very easy to put the equivalent of a garden shed on a trailer and call it a tiny house and while it may be cute and appear serviceable I would encourage close inspection to see if it lives up to its claims. I would be particularly sceptical too of those who offer flat pack kits for tiny houses, something I would never consider doing. I think we all know the potential shortcomings of flat pack furniture – as with all aspects of life you get what you pay for and ‘too good to be true’ value often is just that!  House construction on its own is a complex subject, so adding the complications of road traffic regulations to this as well as the greyer areas of planning law creates quite a minefield!  Caveat emptor – buyer beware!

Self Build your Tiny House:

The US tiny house movement was founded on the joys of self building to save money and take control of one’s own destiny and indeed this is laudable but the same caveat applies – I have recently seen more and more mid-project disposals coming up through Gumtree etc. – “for sale due to a change in circumstances” so beware of half baked ideas that have gone wrong…I’ve seen steel frames which would end up being too heavy to tow etc etc.  For some notes on the ins and outs of self build see here!

For self build trailers see here.

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