NestHouse LINK Model

Two NestHouses™ snuggling side by side The NestHouse Solo and the NestHouse SchoolHouse designed and built by Tiny House Scotland.

NestHouse LINK model.

A NestHouse joining unit.

The NestHouse LINK - describes any multiple combination of units joined or linked by a LINK module.  This is a 3.4m wide x 2.4 or 3.6m long module to join two other NestHouse models - either in a straight line or at an obtuse angle set for shelter or solar gain etc..  This allows for a larger footprint than a single NestHouse™ and a combination of specific functions in the units - eg. use a SPACE linked to a SOLO for a studio with accommodation; or two SOLOs linked to provide a larger house. 

This increases the NestHouse range footprint from the smallest 3.6m SPACE at 12.2m2 up to 49m2 for two 7.2m SPACEs with a 3.6m LINK module. A truly sustainable construction methodology to provide a low energy, long life, small scale architecture with real integrity.

There are many creative variations for the LINK module ranging from a simple covered breezeway to a glass fronted atrium.


he NestHouse space model: studio workshop or office.

NestHouse Link by Tiny House Scotland
NestHouse LINK module concept from Tiny House Scotland
NestHouse Models

Solo, Duo, Link: more info coming soon!