NestHouse SOLO Model

The NestHouse - handmade by TIny House Scotland
NB. The NestHouse is NOT a shed, glamping pod or shepherd's hut but a proper heavyweight small scale house weighing 5-10 tons!
NestHouse Models

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NestHouse Solo by Tiny House Scotland

NestHouse SOLO model: single or double berth accommodation

Ideal for micro living, homesteading, smallholding, first time buyer.

The NestHouse SOLO model is based on the acclaimed NestHouse 1.0 prototype. It is built for year-round permanent living.

Modules included: Enter, Bathe, Sleep Loft = double berth


The sleep loft does not suit everyone but the NestHouse can easily be configured with a separate bedroom at ground level either with a Sleep Niche or conventional bed. 

Shell Build or Complete Build

There are two build levels: Shell or Complete.  Buy the shell and do the remaining fit out  yourself - think of it as a blank canvas!  T

NB. VAT rates vary depending on construction, size and end use.he NestHouse space model: studio workshop or office.