Tiny House Consultancy – Terms & Conditions

Tiny House Consultancy meeting in the NestHouse™ at Tiny House Scotland near Linlithgow with Jonathan Avery.

The fee is NOT refundable but acts as a deposit towards your build.

The Fee will be added to your build deposit when you subsequently commission a build from Tiny House Scotland (less the VAT element).

Cancellations must be received by email at least 48 hours before the agreed appointment. Rescheduling is not a problem.

Limited availability: I limit consultancies to only two per month as I am usually flat-out building!

Trade Secrets:  This is not intended as an insight into my own technical methods or business – please respect this!  Tiny House Scotland is covered by Copyright, Design Right and NestPod™ and NestHouse™ are registered trademarks!

Disclaimer: Jonathan Avery and Tiny House Scotland make no representation or warranty of any kind (express, implied or statutory) in relation to this consultancy and excludes (to the extent permitted by applicable law) all such warranties.

Use the form below if you need to request a specific date before paying – please do not use this form for general enquiries ! use the contact page instead.

My email replies contain graphics and links – so remember to check your junk mail! I generally reply within a few hours.

13 reviews for Tiny House Consultancy

  1. Clarence Nalpas (verified owner)

    Meeting Jonathan was an experience in itself and I would highly recommend this consultation with my eyes closed.
    The afternoon has flied in no time at all: I discovered his builds, felt already at home in one of them, chatted with Jonathan with passion and even met Hector the Tonkinese!

    In a very welcoming atmosphere, we talked about lifestyle in general, my personal habits and projects, but also common inspirational fields like Bauhaus or Japanese framework,… I felt meeting somebody unique, a true multi-talented man, who cares as much about content and style. Someone with brain and hands.

    Jonathan took time to understand my needs, showed true enthusiasm, even seeing the constraints as exciting creative challenges.
    I felt very at ease with him and wanted to start working together right away!

    I came to him with a dream, he made it a project.
    Merci Jonathan !! Et à très bientôt pour la construction ! 🙂

  2. alex.j.munro (verified owner)

    Review update on completed build.
    What can I say? I couldn’t be happier with my new Scottish Tiny House. From the start of the project through to delivery it has been a great pleasure to work with Jonathan to complete my bespoke tiny house build. I was confident after our initial consultation that he was the person to design, build and deliver a beautiful, individual and practical home. How right I was. I was kept informed throughout the build and had great satisfaction in knowing Jonathan was building using the best materials and methods available and with immense attention to detail. Jonathan’s expertise showed with valuable suggestions on the design and finish whilst remaining flexible to my wants and needs.
    If I had the money I would buy a fleet of Jonathan’s Tiny Houses!
    The build was on budget and on time, no doubt thanks to Jonathan’s meticulous planning.
    I can’t recommend TinyHouseScotland enough!
    Owner of NestPod™ NP003

  3. deborahb (verified owner)

    We met Jonathan in March on a day when we were able to see how it felt to be sitting in a tiny house in all sorts of weathers! Our time with Jonathan was absolutely wonderful. He helped us firm up on our ideas and was a positive sounding board for us on the day. Above all, Jonathan’s passion was so obvious and his enthusiasm was infectious!! We hope that this is the beginning of a very fruitful relationship and one which will culminate in our very own tiny house! Thank you Jonathan and best wishes from Debbie and Martin.

  4. patricia.voinescu (verified owner)

    We recently had our consultancy visit with Jonathan. We had seen the photos and really loved the style and design of the NestHouse and NestPod. However, our expectations were far exceeded when we stepped into the NestHouse on a rainy February afternoon. The functional and cosy kitchen, the clean and elegant bathroom with its Japanese soaking tub, the hidden storage under the stairs, the staircase – the best design I have ever seen, the beautifully quilted loft bed and the freedom of being able to move the furniture around in 3 square meters – were all a great inspiration. Simply beautiful!
    Probably more inspirational than his tiny house is Jonathan himself. His passion for building and for design is contagious and his advice on the design of our future tiny house and on the UK legislation regarding tiny houses – invaluable. Thank you Jonathan!

  5. alex.j.munro (verified owner)

    Highly recommend paying Jonathan a visit. Was given a tour of his NestHouse and current build, shown samples of building materials, discussed layouts and preferences, and given a sense of Jonathan’s creativity and drive for quality construction.
    Its clear to see Jonathan’s passion for researching, designing and creating these beautiful homes and his unrelenting standards when it comes to materials and the build. He talks openly about ideology, pricing, competition and is keen to explore new ideas and designs related to your imagination.
    If you are serious about joining the tiny home movement this consultation is a worthy first step in the process.

  6. kathrynbevis (verified owner)

    We met up with Jonathan for a consultation in his beautiful NestHouse near Edinburgh and came away delighted that he accepted our commission to design and build our home in 2018.

    Meeting in the NestHouse, which is surprisingly spacious, light-filled, and toasty warm (even on a cold, overcast January morning), we were able to discuss many crucial aspects of the design, build and delivery process. Jonathan’s consultation was worth its weight in gold in many ways: he helped us to foreground the most important questions to consider, he gave us a great many practical hints on how to move the project forward to the build stage and, of course, he took us on a tour of the charming and impressive NestHouse itself.

    We have been on a journey to build our own tiny house for a couple of years now and, while we have come some of the way on our own in terms of thinking through our own priorities for the essentials of living as well as finding land and acquiring the right permissions, we were stuck at the stage of commissioning the right person to design and construct our home.

    In Jonathan, we have found not only an architect of elegant and intelligent spaces but also a master craftsman, an expert and pioneer in the construction process, and a lovely man to boot!

    Thank you for the excellent consultation Jonathan, we’re very lucky to be working with you.

  7. hollyhock68 (verified owner)

    Great design, quite literally, changes lives, and when I saw the NestHouse, I knew it would change mine. My meeting with Jonathan was a fantastic opportunity to explore ideology, design process, and the practicalities of creating a home. Jonathan’s enthusiasm, and astute questioning, really made me think carefully about the project, pin-pointing the brief. I went in to our meeting in the NestHouse with a dream, I came out with a plan. Well worth the spend, even just to sit with a designer who has years of incredible experience, and I am thrilled to be a part of the Tiny House Movement.

  8. shonajc (verified owner)

    I found the consultancy with Jonathan very helpful. It was wonderful to visit the NestHouse and to really get a feel for the size and standard of the workmanship of the home. Being there made it clearer for me as to what modifications I’d be looking for in my design but I don’t feel it would be far off the house as it stands, as it is beautiful and very functional. Talking with Jonathan clarified a few things for me and I now feel clearer about the next stages.

  9. flaviana.gaiga (verified owner)

    I am very happy with Jonathan’s consultancy. I contacted Jonathan to assist me on the building of my new home and I left the meeting reassured and inspired with the strong feeling that I am on the right path. He’s passion for design and knowledge about this particular type of house can clearly be seen on the quality of the building and on the environment comfort of the NestHouse Prototype. As soon as I find a place to park it I will be back to have him building my HOME. Thanks Jonathan, it has be a pleasure sharing this time with you.

  10. oldbenkenobz (verified owner)

    Inspirational, professional, ingenious design, helpful, informative and positive. All things that come to mind when thinking about Jonathan and his NestHouse demo home. Jonathan is just trying to do his Tiny bit to tackle a huge housing problem for the world’s over population and the environment, all power to him and anyone thinking of doing this. My consultancy was simply to give me the confidence in the concept and formulate some idea on the cost, time and design of my self build project. I also wanted to check out Jonathan’s trailers from Holland. We had a very candid, open and progressive discussion for a little over the 2hrs despite my slight lateness!! Very much appreciated and hope to see more fellow tiny housers on the road in the near future! All the very best Jonathan!! Thankyou.

  11. Hugh Simon (verified owner)

    We chose to have a face to face consultation with Jonathan because we wanted to have a look around the NestHouse. It was well worth the trip! Jonathan gave us as much of his time as we needed and talked through various different possibilities, answering our numerous questions. The NestHouse itself is clearly very carefully and considerately designed and made, a high quality product. We look forward to pursuing this with Jonathan, and hopefully have our own tiny house in the not too distant future.

  12. Michael (verified owner)

    We were lucky enough to visit Jonathan for a consultancy recently. We’ve been considering downsizing for months now and the tiny house movement has interested us – BUT this is not a tiny house. It is small and perfect. It feels larger than you might expect, with the windows bringing in so much light. Everything has it’s place. The bathroom is so cute, the bedroom spacious, the kitchen and seating areas flexible and functional (with a proper sofa not often seen in smaller houses). Our endeavours to live a different life in the years to come will be based around the Nesthouse as our benchmark and if we can get the right plot of land then a Nesthouse shall be ours! The unrushed consultancy is well worth the money and will further inspire your search for something different.

  13. Catriona (verified owner)

    Worth every penny!!! I am considering all options available to me for a new venture and chatting to Jonathan was time very well spent. Not only in understanding the concept of ‘tiny homes’, but also realising that Jonathan is completely open to modifications and ‘bigger tiny homes” – as in my case. The end finish of the NestHouse is astounding. Really well thought out design and beautifully finished details. All available to being personalised. To anyone in my situation, who is currently looking at a new property venture, and a “tiny home” is one of your options’ I’d seriously suggest a consult with Jonathan. As it was I was lucky enough to visit him, but I can see no reason why a Skype consultation wouldn’t be just as useful to people who aren’t within striking distance.

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