NestPod™ Mobile Multi Use Tiny House Complete Build Ex-works – built to order in around 6 months.

Complete build at Tiny House Scotland

A fully finished NestPod with a similar specification externally and internally as pictured – NB. not this actual NestPod which was built for a client!  Ready for plug and play connection to water supply, 16/32 amps mains supply, propane supply and local sewage solution – either septic or mains or with dry composting toilet of choice at extra cost. Includes all main furniture items, bespoke kitchen and choice of either compact Japanese soaking bath or shower module.

Each complete NestPod™ is individually expertly designed by Jonathan in his inimitable style from the ground upwards with unique design features and functions to suit your detailed design brief.  The end result is a stunning architectural gem and work of art built by a master craftsman!  The  NestPod™ Outback example shown here does not have a living area due to its clients particular requirements…this is being added later as a separate NestPod™ module which will be entirely living room plus an additional sleep loft and joins to the first module via a breezeway porch .  The guide price for any fully finished NestPod Complete Build is around  £40-65k plus ex-works, depending on the design, build-level and the extent of specification; off-grid solutions such as solar panels/batteries etc would be extra.  Please note that this specification involves high spec. materials and craft intensive methods such as the standing seam roofing.

NB. VAT rates on NestHouses and NestPods vary depending on construction, size and end use.

NB. The NestPod™ bears no relation to mobile homes, sheds on wheels, shepherd’s huts or glamping pods – it’s a totally different animal!!

The NestPod™ is 2.6m W x 6.5m L x 4.0m H and weighs 3.5 tonnes.

Built to order in around 6 months, subject to available build slot.

For further information see the NestPod page or consider a visit and consultation with Jonathan at the NestHouse™ in Linlithgow to galvanise your decisions.

NB. Supply is subject to Site Access Assessment for heavy transport and lifting.  Haulage costs will be based on geographic location/distance and other required factors such as crane hire etc.

You may also need to budget for some or all of the following:
Site purchase unless you already own the land.
Site preparation, groundworks and services required.
Possible planning and building warrant services
Delivery of the NestPod to site,
Any installation connections on site.

Weight 3500.00 kg
Dimensions 750 × 260 × 400 cm